The Drawings of my Invention

If a big bank or corporation buys one of my patents, they will want CAD quality drawings, and diagrams.

As an inventor, I just need to make drawings that meet the MPEP rules for Patent Drawings, of which there are about 500, all inter-related, and you have to simultaneously obey all of the rules.

The main thing that USPTO cares about is your drawing fits into their special photography zone, which is an odd shaped area on a sheet of paper.

They also want a description of the parts of your diagram, and the parts have to be labelled properly and there are about 100 rules just on that.

But, if your description and drawing show how the thing is, and how it works, the drawing does not need to be 3-D CAD quality. It just needs to show your invention well enough so that a person skilled in the art could build it.

My drawings have got a lot of lights, sensors, and computers in them because I work in the area of photonics and fluorescent authentication. If you want to see them, they are in my book called “A Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” which is available under books by Robert Fenton Gary on Amazon.

I tell what everything does, and how it does it, in my detailed description of the drawings. I do not provide circuit diagrams, or algorithms. But I tell what the circuits do and what the software does, using the lights, and the sensors, and programmable bandpass filters. A person skilled in the art could build my apparatus. But my patent claims are for my method of authentication and not for the specific apparatus that I show as an example in my drawings. Many design features of the apparatus are arbitrary and they could be arranged in any number of ways, as long as they get their parts of the job done. It’s the overall method that is the core of my inventive concept, not the gadget that implements that method.

I know how to authenticate. Better than anyone. At any time. That’s why my patent was allowed, and published by USPTO on January 18, 2018.

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