Alternatives to Paper Bullion Bank Bill

For the past 15 or 20 years there has a been a way to make gold your real money, and the basis of your buying power now and in the future. Open a brokerage account that also gives you a credit card linked to the cash available in your brokerage account. Then load up on GLD exchange traded fund shares which are valued every day at about 1/10 oz of gold at the London Gold Fix for that. day.

The slight limitation using that method is that proceeds from sold shares of GLD cannot appear in your cash account until the second business day after the sale is done.

But a new company, just financed by crowdfunding, and other monies, will soon be offering a Gold-Backed Mastercard. The company holds gold for you in your account, and sells that gold to raise cash as you need it to pay your Mastercard bills, for food, rent, travel, medical etc. I do not know if there is a second business day waiting period when gold is used as a currency under this scheme.

Paper Bullion Bank Bill has some unique features that the alternatives do not have. When you physically own and possess your paper bullion bank bills, you have your gold right there in your hand. You can spend them like money, or burn off the paper fibers and make a gold ingot out of your paper bullion bank bills.

In other words, your ownership, possession, and benefit is not computer dependent. It does not depend on this or that corporation remaining solvent and able to do business. Whatever happens, if you’ve got paper bullion bank bills, you’ve got gold, and any chemist, or even your own hands, can put that gold into metal bullion form.

My invention uses a computer as part of the authentication process, but a stand-alone computer in a bank or other business, not an internet dependent computer. The computer is part of the authentication machine. The authentication is computer-assisted, but a local stand-alone computer, that’s it. No internet required.

The world may appear such a stable place that it’s hard for you to see the real benefit of Paper Bullion Bank Bill over the two alternative approaches. You may not be able to imagine the loss of that stability during your lifetime. You may not be able to imagine why you would want your wealth to be in a form where you could pass it from hand to hand privately, without going through the internet. Or sew it into the lining of your clothes, without asking the internet to help you do that.

If you feel that way, learn more, think harder, imagine better.


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