Just So — Paper Bullion Bank Bill

Once upon a time a beautiful maiden named Portia Photon met a handsome Prince name
Digital Signal Processing. After 14 years of courtship from 2005 till 2019 they had two kids named Snippet 1 and Snippet 2.
These kids were tutored and largely raised
by Digital Multiple Bandpass Filter who took orders
from variables sets, a very demanding taskmaster.
The kids had to write on copybooks as all public school children must, and they wrote: G06Q40/00 (2012.01); G07D 7/20 (2016.01); G06K 7/14 (2006.01); and G06K 19/06 (2006.01).

When they wrote to their relatives in USA they wrote: G07D 7/20 (2013.01); G06K 7/1417

(2013.01); G06K 19/0614 (2013.01); and G06K 19/06037 (2013.01).
Often they wrote about Uncle “Optical Digital Spectrum Analyzer”
whom everyone calls ODSA for short.
Both the snippets enjoyed muffins made out of Taggants Bearing Labels with Application
Specific Integrated Circuits frosting on top.
Sometimes they got toothaches because of molar percent concentration, or inorganic crystal lattice.
Then they had to visit the dentist Dr. Spectrophotometer, and he would extract their Rare Earth Doped Host Materials, and give them crown, like all good snippets should get.
When they were very good they were allowed to race around the schoolyard with p
rogrammable Fast Fourier transform algorithm, who was very speedy indeed, and always got to Transducer ahead of them.
Three kids in the school were very good at all the STEM subjects. Their names were: YAG,
YAM, and YAP, and all the other kids were so jealous of them, including: Ce3+, Pr3+, Nd3+,
Eu3+, Tb3+, Er3+, TM3+, and Yb3+, and Ho3+.
When these fine children grew up they made a currency that replaced the US Dollar as the world’s global reserve currency. This caused much consternation among the adults who had abrogated the Bretton Wood Agreement without notice, and on a whim.
This story of disruption is part of how the world evolves and moves forward.
Snippets with toothaches, and racing to transducer, and pushing aside dear old tired bankrupt dollar, to get back to stable monetary value based economics.
And they all lived happily ever after.

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