Honestiores — This is the Money Made Just For You. Good as Gold. Because it is Gold.

From Bitcoin to S-money the internet dependent blockchain based currencies continue to be originated.

None of them are nearly as good as Paper Bullion Bank Bill. In order for them to work an extremely complex global computer system must be kept perfectly operational. And there must be miners or tenders, or blockchain maintenance humans, who have expenses, and must be paid, usually in the crypto-currencies they maintain.

When you have crypto money you have total dependency on brittle, delicate, techno-based arrangements that are complex, uncertain, and unstable.

When you have Paper Bullion Bank Bill — YOU HAVE YOUR GOLD RIGHT THERE IN YOUR HAND.

It’s does not depend on anything, except your hand to hold it.

Paper Bullion Bank Bill is like a gold coin, but it’s better than a gold coin. You could take a gold coin into a bank, and after it’s been assayed, cuppolated, or x-rayed, the bank could possibly decide that it is really made of gold, and give you something for it.

But if you take Paper Bullion Bank Bills into a participating bank, you have have gold rounds for them, or full credit, or any currency you like, within a few minutes — which is what it takes one of my machines to authenticate a Paper Bullion Bank Bill.

If you are a money laundering terrorist or criminal you are way better off with the crypto money, where you can stay anonymous. Do not use Paper Bullion Bank Bills. They are not anonymous. We know our customers.

There are several dozen, possibly even hundreds of non-criminal, non-terrorist persons on this planet right now. My product is just for them. Call it a specialty product if you want. Call it a boutique product. The product for the honestiores. By the time it gets in circulation who knows how many customers it will find?

Here’s what I know. A big global bank like Bank of America, or Bank of China could get $20 Billion worth of new business by 2038 using Paper Bullion Bank Bills, with the bank’s name on every bill.

If you want the patent, the price is $16 million. You can reach me at robert.gary@gmail.com


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