The New Patent Was Published in Hard Copy Today — “Method to Dimerize RNA and DNA Polymers Suspended in Air”

This patent is part of my innovative push against Covid-19. There are two parts: Safe Buildings, and Safe Walkers. This is the safe buildings part, and it deals with larger buildings of many millions of cubic meters of air. The idea is to make enough safe air so the entire building can have three to six full air exchanges per hour. Six for schools, four for Post Offices, three for other large public buildings.

Priced to move, this pending patent will be sold to a corporation with the engineering staff to build the machine. It will not be sold to a patent flipper, a capture & kill specialist, a troll, or an entrepreneur. I’m hoping that Lockheed-Martin or Boeing or IBM buys this invention as it is, and files a utility patent by 16 December 2021. If a company from Germany, Japan or China wants to build the machine, this would be a good time to make me an offer at

My going rate for Pending Patents is $20,000. If I still own this on 16 December 2021 I will file a utility patent myself. It takes $5,000 and three years to get a granted patent, so I need to raise money by selling pending patents so I can pay the fees for the patents I prosecute all the way through till they are granted, like US 10,176,661 B2 which uses the same skills in photonics that are included in the present pending patent.

If “Method to Dimerize … etc” is granted the price will go up to at least $1,000,000 because people want Covid-19 to stop putting such a crimp on their lives. We don’t know what the herd immunity effects of the vaccines may be, or how many people will be immunized. We do know that safe buildings will be of value to us for at least a couple of decades. My machine handles a lot of air, and destroys pathogens in that air fast, cheap, and as thoroughly as can be done. It will not be opposed by anti-vaxxers, or persons with religious views. Nobody has a religion against healthy air. Many people want their kids to be safe.

There are 10 firms in USA, 2 in Germany, 2 in Japan, and 1 in China that could build my machine and be selling it by 2023. Some people will still be alive then. Corporate executives will know that meeting the needs of people is a good way to make money for their options and compensation packages and golden parachutes. They will know that hollowed out companies with no product pipelines, no innovations, no value proposition are becoming not popular on Wall Street, Main Street, Private Equity firms, or the Titans of Venture Capital.

The hard copy of this book is 8.5 inches by 11 inches, easy to read, and with large diagrams (called “figures”). It runs around $4.00, so even a small company or a broker could afford a copy. It’s also available as an e-book for around $3.00. If you can afford an internet connection, you can afford the e-book.

The inventive departure of my machine is the use of interleaving for planar blades of UV-C light to leverage up the output of four diodes so they produce an in-phase coherent wavefront with 16 times the dimerization power of a single diode. This depend on the spacing and positioning of the diodes on the light emitting panels, of which there are two, creating a cross-fire effect inside the kill box. The air if forced to follow a serpentine path inside the kill box with 5 runs and is hit by the cross-fire of light blades in every run. Some carbon containing dust comes out at the far end, but not very many RNA or DNA intact Polymers.

If a pathogen is not intact it cannot reproduce, so it is not a pathogen, it is just a dust particle.

People will want to live, and for their kids to live. I don’t know what effect the vaccines may have. So far, their story seems to be falling apart a bit every day. I hope they work great. But even if they do, people will want safe air inside large buildings. Should we be getting that from a Japanese company? Or could more Americans have jobs if we get that from an American company?

$20,000 firm. Bring it —

I live in Hagerstown Maryland. I am in the book. I will not sell to a flipper, or a troll. Let your engineers see my patent. That is how good executives manage well.


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