State Bank Bills With Gold in the Paper

There are states like Florida, Texas, New Hampshire, and Idaho that could issue bank bills from State Banks, like Bank of Florida, or Bank of Texas. The idea of using gold as money dates back to the Founders of USA and is prominent in the U.S. Constitution, so it is not new, and not illegal.

Put the gold in the paper, or plastic substrate, of the bank bill. Denominate the bill in grams of gold, not in dollars. Authenticate the bank bills using Photon-DSP technology (US 10,176,661 B2) which you can read at, or get the book “Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” from

You can click over to Amazon and read a few pages for free right now. Click with your finger, read with your eyes, and you will discover, a good surprise.

Bank bills issued by credible state banks and authenticated with an airtight secure technology, are better than gold. They can be passed from hand to hand as money without being assayed. They are money. Made of gold. Like it was supposed to be. If Texas says it’s real, you can bet it is real. Texas owns their own gold.

Why do functional states like Florida and Texas have to be dragged down by chaos states like New York and California?

The states a laboratories to find out what works. Why not let it be that way?

The Commerce Clause is helped, not harmed, by state banks issuing paper bullion bank bills. Freedom of commerce is not the same thing as equal outcomes for all states. It is more like equal opportunity for all states. So, my firm, Gary Research will be offerring engineering consultation to states that wish to open state banks and issue bank bills with gold in the actual bills. No need for blockchain, internet, smart phone, service contract — you want to give somebody some gold? … You hold the bank bill in your hand, and extend your arm toward to recipient. It sounds really complicated, arm .. extended … to the recipient … they take the bank bill … with the gold in it .. actually it’s simple. Any three year old can grasp the idea of getting an item from another person hand to hand. Even without a blockchain.

The functional and the dysfunctionals may come into conflict. But as long as the functional can authenticate and will honor their own bank bills, you will be OK holding them. And if for any reason that stops, no matter, because you can burn off the paper and your gold is that bead at the bottom of the crucible — take you 5 minutes to have your gold as pure metal.

The Federal government is broke, and broken, and brain-dead at the very top.

But USA contains Texas, Florida, New Hampshire, South Dakota, and Idaho. You could depend on bank notes issued by such states. You could trade, buy, sell, and live on such secure currency. While staying here, in your country, that you worked in, fought for, love, and are pledged in allegiance to. State bank notes with gold in them will be honored in Canada, and parts of Europe as well, at participating banks in those places. Possibly also in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Robert Fenton Gary 21742-2588 Hunter Hill Dr. my postman will find me. Send me a letter, the sooner the better.


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