Three Great Things

In the hundred years before my lifetime, the great thing was the defeat of Hitler. The RAF stood alone, the last line of defense. Finally, America came into the war after it was attacked. America helped with the bombing of Germany, and American forces liberated France, and participated in the victory in Berlin.

During my lifetime, that began in 1947, the great thing happened in 1969. USA sent men to land on the Moon, and they made that one great leap for mankind, and they returned safely to the Earth, which was not technically a “miracle” but pretty darned miraculous. We have not done anything like that since apart from a half dozen follow-on Moon landing missions.

In the hundred years after my lifetime, the great thing will be the use of fusion energy to make electric power. Putting aside all the rumors, mankind is not close to that goal. But it will be in the next 125 to 150 years. My sense is that computer/robotics, and nanotechnology may play major roles in the advent of controlled fusion to generate electric power.

Many things happen. Great things define the century in which they happen. Hitler defeat, Moon Landings, Fusion for electric power.

The allies put Hitler out of business. The Moon Landings put the Cold War out of business. The practical use of fusion will put all fossil fuels out of business, and will vastly curtail poverty, and hunger worldwide. With unlimited electric power you get unlimited fertilizer, food, transportation, metals production, manufacturing, and housing.

Old problem laid aside, we will start of new problems. One hopes that Wokeness gets snuffed out on 8 November 2022, so it goes not escalate into an issue of global idiocy. America leads the world. A great land, and as time goes by, greater yet. Always a blessing to mankind. Because this nation is founded on the blessings of liberty, and the rights given by God, which we have secured, more because of Reagan, less because of Biden and Soros, but, all told, better than any other nation anywhere, ever.


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