Biographical Details of RFG

As a child, I was smaller than I am now. I went to Brick Church, and then Buckley, and then Eaglebrook, and then Institute Le Rosey, in Switzerland, where I studied Chemistry. After that, and some time at Trinity-Pawling, I went to St. John’s College in Annapolis Maryland where I studied Mathematics, and Photonics with slits, and oil drops.

I became a radiation lawyer. While I was handing the class action case for the Nevada Test Site vets, which went into the law books as 621 F2d 578 Punnett v Carter, into the Courtroom burst very upset people, saying that the nuclear reactor at Three Mile Island was melting down, which is was, 85% of the fuel rods melted to slag. So, I wrote a complaint for them, on a yellow pad, at counsel table, and ran down to file it, and got permission from the Federal Judge to serve the complaint myself at the White House that day, actually it was evening by the time I got to Washington.  The Three Mile Island case went into the lawbooks as 620 F2d 29 Johnsrud v Carter, it established an important legal principle, namely that on a motion to dismiss made pursuant to Rule 12(b)(6), for failure to state a claim, the burden of proof is on the moving party.

In 1981, Ronald Reagan took over as President, and I signed up to become a Naval officer, and went to Naval Justice School in Newport Rhode Island, from which they shipped me out to the Philippines, where I had a great time working for a wonderful Admiral as a Review Officer. After that I was rotated back stateside where I got the billet as Code 17A at Navy Recruiting Command World Headquarters. The Secretary of the Navy liked my work and gave me the Navy Achievement Medal, which I sometimes wear the little pin on my hat, it’s orange and green.

In 1989, I became a civilian again, and did two years at an enviro organization in Washington that made bicycle trails made from abandoned railroad corridors. I spent a lot of time in in the Library of Congress looking up the law of abandonment as it applies to railroad corridors and making them into bike trails. This was fascinating work, in a good cause.

Then, the USS Cole was attacked in 2000 and I began working on national security issues. My work is gathered in a book called The National Security Papers, ISBN 9781975708870, which you can get at under books by Robert Gary.

In 2002, I moved to Western Maryland, and wrote for the Herald Mail Newspaper from three years as an op-ed columnist. My work is gathered in a book called Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast, ISBN 9781549641107, also available on

In 2004, I started putting my chemistry, photonics, and math skills to use working on a patent that was finally allowed by the Patent Examiner, and published by USPTO in January 2018. It’s a core breakthrough. The book is called A Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items, ISBN 9781984955791. There will be dozens of applications of this new technology and many follow-on patents. I’m actually working on one of them right now, which is a military application of my new technology.

In 2018, I appeared as a blogger on WordPress for the first time on 20 March. And so here I am now, and there are you gentle reader, and I’m so grateful that you are there.


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