First Post on New Site

My name is Robert Fenton Gary.

My newest book is “A Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” and it is just a straight copy of my patent that was allowed and published by the US Patent Office.

My original application for the technology was to make the Paper Bullion Bank Bill.

You can enmesh fine particles of gold into high grade paper, and make a bank bill that does not need to have a promise on it because you’ve got your gold right there in your hand. It’s in the paper.

In the course of developing this product the issue of authentication became more and more central. So, I invented a way to use a digitally programmed filter that would examine multiple passbands in the photon spectrum between 200 nanometers and 1500 nanometers. I call these snippets. They are little samples taken from the entire peaks profile.

The bills have got several rare earth materials on them, and together these produce a full wide peaks profile.

The programmable multiple passband filter is controlled by variables fed to it by an ASIC chip. So for each bill it examines it looks at it with a particular squint depending on those variables.

The bills also contain a hologram in which a file number is secretly encrypted. That file number tells the ASIC chip how to squint at the bill (what snippets to see), and it designates the file on another ASIC chip that contains a library of snippet profiles. What the machine “sees” is compared to what’s in the library (what it should see if that particular bill, with that secret number, is authentic.).

Such a machine can operate very fast and authenticate a big stack of bills in a few minutes. There are very few moving parts in the machine except those needed to move the bills into position to be examined, one at a time.

My patent is not about the application of the technology — Paper Bullion Bank Bill — it’s about the fluorescent taggants and the digital authentication system that authenticates ANY document, or item to be authenticated.  There are many other applications including: ID cards, DNA tags, art tags, coin tags, container tags, money orders, and letters of credit.

I have asked to US Post Office to consider buying my patent, and also a dozen large banks, and most of them in the USA. My patent will be mentioned in a magazine called American Banker in May, I think, if all goes as planned.

If Amazon or Google decided to become a bank, or get into the wealth management business, or the valuable items authentication business, or the ID card business, this would give them a big competitive advantage over all others in those business sectors. Sometimes when you grow the company and expand into a new line of business, it’s best to go in with some sort of angle, or overwhelming advantage.

Today is 19 March 2018, and tomorrow is the first day of Spring, thank goodness. My price for my patent right now is $2 million, all cash, at the point of exchange. I can only sell the patent to one organization. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

If you are a bank or venture capital firm, you may want to give my patent a quick read. It’s at, under books by Robert Fenton Gary, and it’s called “A Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items”. You can read the e-book, or you can order the paperback version.


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