Preparing Authentication Method for the Battlespace

It’s one thing to authenticate a bank bill, or an ID card, or a shipping container seal, but it’s quite a separate matter to authenticate a signal in a battlespace coming in through many confounding factors such as: jamming, mist, smoke, dirt, steam, flying projectiles, and magnetic flux.

I try very hard to produce the best Photon-Digital Technology the world has ever seen. My patent “A Method of Authenticate Value Documents or Items” was approved and published by USPTO on 18 Jan 2018. And it mentions half a dozen ways to apply my method.

I was hoping to be able to apply it directly to a military signalling device, but such hope was not realistic. So it was necessary to introduce another variable to make my method secure for battlespace use, which it now is.

I want to go to White Sands and do the field tests. But first I need to sell my breakthrough core technology patent, which you can get in book form from under books by Robert Fenton Gary and the abovesaid title.

If you are a big American bank, please contact me at or at and work with me to buy my patent for $2,000,000. If you do this by 4 July 2018, I will throw in the recently described military signalling device for free. I have the drawings, and the notes.

If you know a senior executive in a big US bank, I hope you will pass along what you have learned here. Thank you.


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