Millenials Get My New Patent!

The Paper Bullion Bank Bill newly enabled by “A Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” a US Patent allowed, and published on 18 January 2018, will put the fiat paper money of USA in trash paper category. Dollars will no longer be the global reserve currency. Paper Bullion Bank Bills will.

And they won’t all come from USA, although I have tried extremely hard to make American Bankers aware of my patent, by the abovesaid name, which they can find at in download or paperback format.

The gold is enmeshed between and among the fibers of the paper in amounts ranging from 1/10 oz to 1/2 oz. If you don’rt want the bill, you just want your gold, burning off the paper in a crucible is quick, clean, and easy. There’s your gold, that lump at the bottom of the crucible.

But you are better off with the Paper Bullion Bank Bill and here’s why. It spends like paper money. Absolutely cannot be counterfeited. Carries your gold in a form that is recognized world-wide. Allows you to trade with serious people, but not with criminals, since the patented method is not anonymous. And you are not in the dark regions of the world anyway. You’re not seeking to do bank fraud, be a terrorist, or use an illegal currency, like bitcoin is quickly becoming.

I want the banks to put pictures of scientists, mathematicians, inventors, and benefactors of mankind on the Paper Bullion Bank Bills, but I can’t tell them what to do, once my patent is sold. Some banks are going to make Trillions on my work and that’s fine. I just want $2 million by the end of this Summer.

If you know any American Bankers, in the top 15 Category, I hope you will pass the word to them so they can read my patent, formulate a strategy to buy it and use it, contact me at or at and we can make a deal, light this candle, and set the world on a new and better path.

Why does this matter to a Millenial? Guess who will be picking up the tab for the US National debt. Yes, you do have a stake in preventing the Treasury from printing as many dollars as it wants to, and in preventing the Congress from running whatever deficits it wants to. You are getting the keys to the country soon. And you will have to make the payments on the debt.


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