Why a Really Smart Bank Will Buy My Patent

I think the Paper Bullion Bank Bill is inevitable. My patent is “A Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items“, and actually my method is the best one for paper bullion bank bills (PBBB)

The very smart bank that buys my patent, does not necessarily have to go straight into the business of making and selling PBBB’s.

It could buy the patent defensively to keep itself from being locked out of that market.

A bank that buys now will own all the patent rights for 20 years.

Many banks will want to make PBBB’s.

The patent owning bank can reserve a license for itself but then sell the patent, subject the that license, to a bank that wants to be first mover in the PBBB market.

The first buyer bank does not have to be a bold pioneer. It just has to be a player in the banking business that can see down the years and that can be circumspect in reserving a place for itself in the PBBB market segment.

I’m not asking the buyer to be brave. I’m just asking the buyer to be capable of foresight, and provident enough to keep itself in the mix among the most profitable banks.

I don’t think there is a substitute for my method. It uniquely combines fluorescent materials with  sophisticated digital signal processing, and I plan to defend my patent by prosecuting all infringers.

Today the price for my patent is $2 million all cash. I think it’s cheap for what the buyer will be getting. I hope you will read it at Amazon.com under books by Robert Fenton Gary. If you want articles about PBBB or about me, you just come to robertfentongary.com, or look at #paperbullionbankbill




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