Digital Currency and Paper Bullion Bank Bill are Polar Opposites.

Digital currency, to the extent that it exists at all, exists in cyberspace, which means the internet, and computers. It’s basically not currency, it’s just information, and who supposedly has buying power. That supposition can be undermined in 1000 ways, some of which we know about, and most of which remain to be discovered. So many hackers, so much malware, and we do not know what we do not know about vulnerabilities in cyberspace. That’s why huge breaches of people’s data keep happening. When the breaches were a few million or a few tens of millions of people, we could laugh it off and paper them over. But when hundreds of millions, or billions of people are involved in a breach it’s harder to make a joke of it. It seems more real when the private information of a significant percentage of the population of this planet has been compromised and misused.

The partial opposite of digital currency is US paper fiat money, which are slips of paper with promises on them written in green ink. Those slips of paper supposedly designate who has buying power. But, that precept is vulnerable because slips of paper in Germany, Venezuela, Argentina, and Zimbabwe which also had promises and writing on them turned out to be worthless, or almost worthless. The credibility of the US government is not an eternal verity. It could come and go.

The polar and absolute opposite of digital currency is Paper Bullion Bank Bill. There’s gold right in the paper. You can burn off the paper and have your gold in 5 minutes. Gold has given people reliable buying power for 10,000 years, in all the places that are now major nations on planet Earth.

If you put a stack of Paper Bullion Bank Bills in the hands of a reliable trustee, who could cash them in for you and send you the proceeds anywhere in the world, in any currency you like, you could retire abroad in security and comfort. You may feel that nobody would ever want to do that, but I say they do want that, and they are seeking to do that.

The only thing missing is a bank with the imagination to take my patent and turn it into profits for the bank. Actually all it takes is one banker, just one person, with a mind, and with vision, and who see what people will want in future years. There may not be such a banker in USA. But I feel that one does exist in this world. If all I can do is beat the drum, then I will seek to do that well, and intrepidly. Persistence is what gets you there. I am a chemist, not a pitchman. But I will do what it takes to make the connection. You could help.


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