Price Change on Sale of My Patent

Effective June 1, 2018 the price on my patent is $4 million all cash.

My technology is the best in the world to enable Paper Bullion Bank Bill which is the cure for 10 of the major problems the world faces in 2018.

One problem it will fix very quickly in runaway spending by the US Congress.

Also runaway fiat paper money or fiat electronic money (credit_ created by the Federal Reserve Bank of the USA.

Gold has been a source of buying power on this planet for 10,000 years at least.

The Paper Bullion Bank Bill has writing on it saying that it has value, and it actually does have value. So, what it says, and what it is are the same. Credere means to believe. Currency must have credere or its just waste paper.

Bring in your paper bullion bank bills, and we’ll give you gold rounds for them. Or do it yourself, just burn off the paper, and there’s your gold right there at the bottom of the crucible. Wife gonna yell at you for messing up the house, OK then do it the easy way, bring the bill in and let us give you the gold round, or equivalent value in any currency you like.

Also in June, my push begins in Singapore, and Taiwan, and parts east of Suez, and west with the sun.

And I plan to approach a half dozen gold miners. Kitco does not need a special license to deal in gold, and miners don’t either. If the banks are not ready for Paper Bullion Bank Bill, I will get a miner to create a new bank that is ready.

They understand gold in Switzerland, land of my youth. So I will give emphasis to working with banks there. I would love to go back to old Zermatt this Summer, not far from Zurich, home of the Matterhorn, and the gnomes. Good folk. We love our mountains, our valleys, our lakes.


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