My Method Can Be Used for DNA Tags As Well as Paper Bullion Bank Bill.

Women are advancing as high earners in the workforce, often on account of their academic attainments. They are also inheriting a lot of the wealth of the Greatest Generation and of the Boomer Generation.

DNA is becoming increasingly important not only in crime solving, but also in having designer babies, or sometimes just babies with less birth defects, or less disease propensities.

DNA in its physical form can be frozen and preserved. It can also be converted to information, by reading the DNA and saving the sequence of amino acids as a code.

Either way, the DNA or code information may be required years later, and in a place far from where the sample was taken, or the code stored on the memory device.

Therefore the issue of authentication arises, and what’s needed is a tag of some sort that is not counterfeitable, that is extremely reliable, secure, and readily readable.

My patent, called “A Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” is ideal for the creation of such secure DNA Tags.

People are going to want sure and certain knowledge about the provenance of a DNA sample or coded sequence. The tag is what takes the sample from the collection point to the user point  in a way that is free of fraud, counterfeits, lies, and deceptions.

Whether it’s a criminal case or the birth of a new human, a person’s life is at stake. Sometimes more than one person’s life.

About a half dozen other applications for my Fluorescent/Digital Signals Technology method are mentioned in the patent, and as you may know, I am now developing a new application for a signalling device.

If a major bank like JP Morgan Chase were to buy my patent, they could keep all the banking applications just for their bank, and license out the other applications, like DNA Tags, and signalling devices, to other major corporations. Or Google could do something similar, or Amazon could, or Elon Musk could. Such large firms with the business contacts they have could negotiate the licensing agreements and from them get back what they pay me for my patent in a year or two. Then they would have many years of pure profits ahead of them using whatever part of my patent they retain for their own use. The US Post Office could, likewise, keep the postal money orders part, and license out all the rest. The Postmaster General has my written offer.


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