Getting More Participants in Gold Ownership

It’s hard for a human to hold gold because in bullion form it is not self-authenticating.

To buy it you need to be sure it is authentic.

To sell it, the buyer needs to be sure your gold is authentic.

Authenticating these two transactions is costly and not reliable.

Way too many coin clippers out there, and drillers, and shavers, and re-melters.

That’s why I invented “A Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items

The value document to which my patent refers is the Paper Bullion Bank Bill.

I want you to do a story on it, using these leads — 15 blogs posted by me at

Your e-mail interview of me at

Your reading of my patent which is available under books by Robert Fenton Gary at

The patent was allowed on 18 January 2018 and published by the US Patent Office that day.

The whole world has my technology now. It is a huge breakthrough.

Paper Bullion Bank Bills are now inevitable.

And that solves our problem of more participants holding gold.

My smallest denomination is 1/10th oz. The gold is in the paper, enmeshed between the fibers, very easy to do.

Today that bill is worth about $130.

So it’s like a $100 bill, except its real money with real value.

Many people can afford to have a $100 bill.

That many people can afford to own a Paper Bullion Bank Bill.

And they will.


Do the story, help your customers, and the world.


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