The Fate of Italy’s Vast Gold Holdings

As you know, the central bank in Italy has one of the largest gold holdings of any central bank. But, Italy faces financial woes. So will Italy sell off some of its yellow metal?

No they won’t. But here’s what they might do. They could put some of their gold into Paper Bullion Bank Bills.

By doing that, Italy could leapfrog over all the big banks of the world. They would be the first maker of the new global reserve currency.

It may seem like a trivial tiny detail, but it’s worth $Trillions to be the first mover in a brand new blue ocean market space.

Paper Bullion Banks Bills are pieces of colored paper with promises on them, but they have gold particles enmeshed between the fibers of the paper. So you get the promise AND the fulfillment of that promise right there in your hand. Your gold is in your hand.

Or, you can bring the bill in to any participating bank and we will give you a gold round for it, or any kind of FOREX you want.

For at least 10,000 years gold has conveyed buying power from one person to the next. Bretton Woods did not last 10,000 years. US gold notes did not last 10,000 years.

That is why you want your gold in your hand. The paper bullion bank bill combines the best of gold bullion AND the best of paper money. The 1/10th oz bank bill is worth about $130, so it’s roughly like a $100 bill. But if the $100 bill goes Argentina-wise on you, you are going to wish you had a Paper Bullion Bank Bill instead.

You tell me that the USA is so stable, and such a genius of a country that such a thing could never happen here, as it did in Germany, Argentina, Venezuela, Zimbabwe etc.

So, I ask you, is Mnuchin a genius? How about the rest of the people in the Executive Branch, and in the Legislative Branch? Are they geniuses? What problem have they solved? The problem of giving themselves more money, yes, of course, but what other problem. Any pipes, and roads, and diplomacy, and immigration, any education, any environment — just one thing, not including grabbing more money and power?

You got nothing, right?

If Italy uses its vast gold reserves to be first to market with Paper Bullion Bank Bill, that will be the indicator that maybe we are not such a stable genius. The Orient already owns our cars and computers. Europe owns our fashion industry and the arts. Australia owns many of the worlds best patents. Singapore is the trader of the world. Canada has the best aluminum, and winter wheat.

I am a technology creator. I have done my job. My patent was allowed and published by USPTO on 18 Jan 2018. Is there some other human on the planet that will do their job?

Yes, there might be …. in Italy … and this Summer inquiries will be made to see if that is the case.


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