Undersea Value Materials Data Method

The title here is the provisional name for a new branch of Gary Research that will identify the locations of value materials on the seabed. Our focus will be on gold, platinum/paladium complex, ruthenium, rhodium, and certain minerals rich in rare earths.

Our plan is to minimize the exposure of humans to danger by operating mostly with robot submarines, and waldoes at depths no exceeding 2500 feet.

We know what kind of deposits we are looking for and we know how to tell if wee have found them. We have ideas about getting ore back to the surface, but doing so requires a major corporation with massive maritime and operational experience. We know how to make charts that show where the best ore is. This method uses our prior experience with leptons, and various kinds of electromagnetic interactions.

We lack the capital assets and seamanship skills to bring any significant amount of value materials into port. But others possess those assets and those skills, so we are hopeful that an arrangement can be worked out.

Land-based gold ores are pretty much shot. They are processing material that is 3 or 4 grams per ton. Sea-based deposits that have not been located, but have been accumulating for millions of years are much richer, and it really come down to what Dr. Jacques Cousteau said “You have to go see”.

Yes, and when you go, you should be prepared to see quickly, and efficiently, based on my method, which is not contained in my prior patents, but is currently in very intensive development at Gary Research. I could use a little backing from somebody. Not that it matters. Never had any. Don’t expect any, until they realize that they can’t take their next step forward without the benefit of my patented methods.

Their scientists and their lawyers will tell them they should license or buy my patents.

If they try to do otherwise, I will be on them like white on rice.

I can be reached at robert.gary@gmail.com, or at robertfentongary.com, or at Robert Fenton Gary on Facebook, or at Robert Fenton Gary on Amazon.com, where you can buy a copy of my prior patent (download and paperback available).


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