Gary Research Opens Undersea Branch

My company, Gary Research opened a new branch on 4 July 2018, to
develop new ways to identify and map gold in the sea.

We are experts in photonics, including portions of the electromagnetic
spectrum beyond the visible light range.

We do not plan to operate at depths beyond 2500 feet or with manned
platforms. Given modern navigation methods, we are able to recover
adequate data and samples using robotic platforms operated as drones.

My gold from the sea patent will not be my first patent in the area of
fluorescent photonics.

But my latest invention will enable significant new finds of ore that
is richer and more worthy of processing than what is being found on
land recently.

Please visit me at to learn more, if you care
about this topic.

My last patent “A Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” was
allowed and published by USPTO on 18 January 2018, and you can read it
under books by Robert Fenton Gary at

Persons wishing to write stories or buy one of my patents can reach me
at The current price on my method patent is $4


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