Undersea Topology Models for Gold Finding

Not all the materials Gary Research seeks to locate can be found using differential specific gravity location shift vectors, but some of them can.

For example, gold, and platinum/paladium complex, and ruthenium will all form placers based on undersea forces that sort of winnow them into specific deposits. And these can be quite rich ores because the weathering and positioning factors have had millions of years to bring about the placer deposit, and ore concentration.

Some of the materials we seek can be found more effectively just using black lights. For example Monazite sand, and Euxenite which contain significant amounts of rare-earth elements such as Holmium, Ytterbium, Ytrium, Lutenium, Niobium, or Cerium.

We like to look for things we can use, and value metals can be used to make Paper Bullion Bank Bills, and rare-earth +3 ions doped onto nanoparticles are essential in making said product as well.

It would be a pity to have to buy our raw materials from land-based miners who are extracting them at the rate of 3 grams per ton, if we can just go get them in the sea at much higher ore concentrations. We like to vertical control of our supply chain, which, in this case, means we are willing to pay for paper, and not the other ingredients of our product. And we want good paper, like the kind made by Crane, or by De La Rue. And we want proper fabrication, which really can only be done by those two experienced firms.

Our goal is for there to be sound money, and more jobs, and better use of maritime resources, and less processing of metal-poor ore from open pit mines on land. We want everybody to be safe, happy and prosperous. And we want more honesty. Which means less fiat money that arises from Treasury or Fed diktat, and which portends the end of the greatest experiment in liberty and human dignity the world has ever seen. Let’s not have USA go the way of Argentina, Venezuela, or Zimbabwe, if we can help it.

Accordingly we plan operations on or near the Continental Shelf, and not in extremely deep water. And we expect to conduct research mainly by the use of sub-surface drone machines assisted by operators aboard ships on the surface, and by undersea sonic signalling devices. There is nothing in the ocean that is worth getting at the cost of a human life. There is no business objective that is worth chasing at the cost of a human life. Prosperity must arise in the context of reverence for life. We don’t venerate profit, we cherish human beings above all else. That said, poverty and national insolvency have caused much loss of life, and we would like to prevent those conditions.

If you care about these issues and wish to learn more, please visit my site robertfentongary.com

Also, you could read some of my patents like “A Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” by Robert Fenton Gary at Amazon.com

You can reach me here at any time, or at robert.gary@gmail.com I do not answer the phone, or have a brick and mortar location. Inventing is the focus of my efforts, not public relations. We all want to change the world, so priorities are essential.


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