Maritime Photonics Serves New Markets

My company opened a new branch on 4 July 2018 called “Undersea Value Materials Data Method“.

That branch will do materials finding, assay, charting, and mapping.

Bringing ore into port from 2500 feet under the sea is more than my firm can handle. I am seeking associations and deals with larger firms.

The data method is not quite the same as that in my last patent called “A Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” but it uses much of the same science and circuitry.

The global demand for gold will go up by 300 to 400 tons annually over the next ten years due mostly to smart chips in credit cards and connect leads in electric cars.

Land based gold is panned out, and now is yielding 3 or 4 grams per ton of ore. I can find gold that is in way better ore, and do it without undue risk to human lives.

If you have friends in really big corporations like: Motorola, Litton, Boeing, Alphabet, Google, or Fermi Lab, I hope you will tell them to visit me at

They can read my last patent at under books by Robert Fenton Gary.

If they want to buy it, just send $4 million, all cash to, but please send an e-mail first.



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