New Apparatus for Panning Gold

I’m a professional inventor with an interest in gold, and in mining gold from the sea.

One aspect of seabed gold mining is being able to do quick and easy assessments of small samples of seabed material for their gold content.

Reluctantly, after examining all the equipment that exists today, I turned my inventive attention to a problem that goes back to Jason and the Golden Fleece (2800 years).

I know a little more physics, chemistry, and fluid dynamics than Jason did, or anybody in the meantime, gosh it’s astonishing how little thought has gone into this obviously interesting problem. If sand has a little bit of gold in it, how can you separate out the gold?

It took me three days. And most of one night. But yes, I have the drawings and the math for the device that will do the job.

Google Analytics tells me that virtually nobody reads my blogs, so think of this as a message in a bottle that I am tossing out into cyberspace. And give yourself a star for being in a very small club of discerning readers.

My apparatus is 100% physical, and uses no chemistry, apart from the differential specific gravity of gold compared to sand, and the ability to remove iron particles by powerful magnets.

It operates in the grams, and kilogram range, not in the range of tons like smelters do. It’s for sample testing, not for large scale gold acquisition.

But it is essential to be able to do quick, simple, accurate sample testing to map the sea floor for gold deposits, which is part of what Gary Research plans to do.


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