Improving My Gold/Sand Separation Machine

My machine, which is in the development phase separates fine particles of gold from sandy or alluvial material, sort of like a gold pan, but better. It uses the same physical principles as gold panners do, which would be to first remove all iron particles from the sample using magnets and then use the difference in specific gravity between gold and sand to get them separated, with water as a moving medium.

My invention is an updated digitally controlled gold/sand separation apparatus, that is only good for samples of one or two kilograms total material. So the device is really for quick assessment of samples and for mapping ore deposits on land or the seabed.

The unique features of my invention include the manner in which the water moves, and is impelled, and the ways in which tailings are expelled, and gold particles retained in the machine. My invention uses plenty of water, which must be clean, but need not be fresh water. Clean sea water will work just fine, but it has to be filtered before entering the machine, and of course, if you use salt water, the maintenance costs will be higher because you have to do a fresh water washdown of the machine after you use it for a separation run.

This devise is designed so that gravity works with you to help get rid of the sand, and accumulate the gold, or other non-magnetic heavy metal particles, like palladium or cobalt. The machine is based mainly on physics principles and not on photonics as are most of my other inventions including “A Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” that was allowed and published by USPTO on 18 January 2018.

My goal is to make Paper Bullion Bank Bill. So I need paper, like the good Crane’s paper, and I need gold, and I need a method to authenticate a piece of paper that has gold particles enmeshed among and between the fibers of the paper. My method, by the way, is not anonymous. So it won’t be used by terrorists, bank fraud people, or money laundering people, and it will always be legal in the civilized countries of the Western world, like USA, UK, France, Canada, Germany and Australia. That’s where I want Paper Bullion Bank Bills to be used and to become popular as a form or wealth management, and as a new global currency.

Please read my other posts at and tell your friends, especially venture capital firms, and banks about my work.


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