Patent US20180018845A1 on Google Now!

Patent US20180018845A1 Can Now Be Seen on Google Patents

Robert Gary

Robert Gary

Inventor at Gary Research18 articles

The Priority date goes back to 2016-07-18 for Paper Bullion Bank Bill which now has a US Patent Number and can be read on Google Patents.

This invention is about a method to authenticate value documents, such as bank bills, or money orders or value items, such as pieces of art, gold coins, items of evidence, or DNA samples.

It combines fluorescent technology with digital signal processing technology and uses snippets from peaks profiles to uniquely authenticate and identify millions of documents or items all of which can be cheaply imprinted with the same fluorescent taggants zone.

The use of secret files numbers and authentication files stored on application specific integrated circuits play major roles in my invention. Also Fast Fourier Transforms and a Programmable Multiple Bandpass Filter makes snippets out of the full wide peaks profile coming off the taggants zone. I can make snippets millions of different ways, so one way for each bank bill or money order, or DNA tag, or ID card. The making of the snippets is governed by sets of variables that can be fed into the programmable multiple bandpass filter to make many passbands, which are little windows that look at very precisely defined segments of the full wide peaks profile that comes off all similarly imprinted taggants zones, for example on a series of bank bills, or a set of company ID cards. The bills or the cards can be made cheaply, one printer head one set of inks, banging them out all the same. The secret numbers differ from one to the next, and that number tells the authentication machine where to look for the authentication comparison file that will uniquely authenticate that specific value document or item.

Because my multiple passband filter is programmable, by altering the variables sets being fed into it per the secret file numbers, I can take my whole system down worldwide in a matter of seconds if a breach somehow occurs. Then, without changing anything on my value documents or value items, I can change the variables sets libraries in my authentication machines worldwide and have my entire system back up and running in a matter of days if not hours. The ASIC chip can be re-loaded with variables sets stored in a large computer, so the post-breach system comes back up perfectly secure, and fast, and cheaply.

Recovery from a breach is becoming more important as we learn, year by year, month by month and day by day, in the headlines, of all the newspapers that all digital systems get hacked, breached, busted into, compromised, spilled or otherwise destroyed, robbed, converted or larcenized. I start with that as a basic concept. Then I design around it to create a robust method to authenticate value documents or items that can take a lick’in and keep on tick’in. My theory is that banks, intelligence agencies, military units, fertility clinics, or auction houses may find this useful, and dependable because breaches are going to happen, it what you can do in response to them that counts. The other guys can’t do anything, except say “Whoops!”. I repair the breach real fast, and go on business as usual.

Patent US20180018845A1 answers a huge and pressing need in the market for secure documents or items that can be reliably identified and authenticated. I want $4 million, all cash, and this price is good till September 30, 2018. I can be reached at and you can read my patent on under the said patent number. I’m also here at Linkedin, and at so don’t be a stranger.


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