Business Model of Paper Bullion Bank Bill

We are not selling you gold as an investment. What we offer is gold in the form of money. The gold comes to you in bank bills that look like money, and, between certain entities, that spend like money. They can be used for wealth management, and for international trade, and for portable assets, and for accounts denominated in gold, like credit accounts, and trust accounts.

You get to pick your entry point. You get to pick your exit point. We offer no speculation or advice about the price of gold yesterday, today, or tomorrow, or at any time past, present, or future. Whatever research you do about gold, is your project, and your analysis, and when you come to us, we don’t talk to into or out of anything. We only deal with people who already know that they want gold in the form of money, and they already know why they want that.

Since we plan to operate through a major bank with offices in big cities all over the world, and each one having an authentication machine, as described and pictured in Patent US 2018/0018845 A1, and the willingness to redeem for cash, or gold rounds, your authentic Paper Bullion Bank Bill, we simply provide gold as money. You can take it anywhere. It will be money there. Local exchange rates have no meaning. You just get the London Gold fix for that day using GMT as the standard for what day. At the time you sign the authentication agreement for your batch of Paper Bullion Bank Bills being redeemed or deposited for credit, you get the that day’s London Gold Fix, and we offer no guidance at all about what that will be. But Kitco does, so consult them.

Our customers are not day traders. They are people who know that for 10,000 years gold has been a fairly stable and reliable standard or value, and store of value. They feel that money should be gold, and that gold should be money. So, to them, Paper Bullion Bank Bill is a convenience and it fits perfectly with their view of gold and money.

Our partner is a big bank. Only a big bank can partner with us because such an organization has the facilities to implement the global service contemplated by our product. We can affiliate with a gold mining firm, or we can start one, and mine gold in the sea, for example, so that we have some degree of vertical integration in a portfolio of profitable business projects. For the miner, our affiliation means a captive customer, who will always take their bullion at the London Gold Fix. Our service involves a small fee, which our customers are more than happy to pay. So we make our profit on that. The partner bank gets huge benefits in the form of publicity. If the money that the world loves and trusts has the name of your bank on it, you are going to get a lot of extra retail and corporate customers from that. Your clerks who operate the authentication machines worldwide are already on your payroll. They are sunk costs, they do not add to your costs.

It’s a new business model. It will work. It will bring $100 Billion to the partner bank over the 20 year life of the patent, and with evolutions in technology, and your first-to-market advantage, the extra profits will roll in as long as you are in business.

Right now, there is no designated and specified person at any big bank whose job description is just assessment of and acquisition of Paper Bullion Bank Bill. The patent relies on publicity and word of mouth to create awareness in the banking community and to bring forth a willing buyer for the patent. That is why this post is here.


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