New Signal Lamp Makes Big Progress Today

I’m working on a signal lamp that hopefully the Navy will buy. It’s for battlespace conditions where no radio transmissions are allowed. It uses photonics instead. From a Carrier with a high mast I can get a million word signal to every ship in the battle group in less than one minute. And that includes airborne units and submarine units. My signal is 100% secure, cannot be read, cannot be recorded, cannot be decoded.

My apparatus also has a directionalizing hood so I can send the signal down a beam that is less than 5 degrees wide.

Smoke, rain, snow, haze, mist, fog, and flying material in the air are somewhat of a problem, and I am working on that. My range is limited to 13 miles (point to point signaling at sea level is limited by the curvature of the Earth).

But in space, my device would have a range of millions of miles. So if the Space Command needs secure Comms, I’ve got the machine to do that job.


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