The Human Integrity Project (HIP)

Paper Bullion Bank Bill is the first in a series of three planned patents all of which comprise what I call the Human Integrity Project (HIP), which seeks to let people use gold as money.
The Bank Bill has gold in the paper, but to make it gold must be on hand, so my second patent in this series is a machine to help you find gold on the seafloor. It’s basically a quick panning machine, that allows iterative bathygraphic mineral charting, and ore location by tracing the indicators back to placers or veins.
Once the gold is found, it needs to be brought to the surface so it can be heap leached and smelted into ingots. This entails a machine that uses technology borrowed from Freeman Dyson and Apollonius of Perga.
I graduated from the only College in the USA that routinely teaches The Conics as part of its regular curriculum for all students. So, I learned conics and after conics, triple blade helical impellers are just not that hard.
You may say I’m a dreamer, but I will find the gold, bring it in, make bank bills of it, and allow people to once again use gold as money.
The idea of having more integrity among humans is, admittedly a dream. But honest money makes honest governments, and hence more honest people — people who at least are not fooling themselves and lying all the time.
One seeks to leave the world just a bit better than one found it.

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