Why Not Just Use Gold Coins?

Paper Bullion Bank Bill is way better than a gold coin, and here’s why:

1. I can be authenticated in less than a second by a machine that operates very fast.

2. It need not be assayed, cuppolated, or appraised by an expert.

3. It can also be read by an x-ray fluorescent hand held device as a backstop.

4. I contains a specified about of .999 fine gold — 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, or 1/2 oz and this gold is enmeshed in the paper itself of the bill.

5. You can burn off the paper and have your gold anytime.

6. Or bring the intact bill in and we will give you a gold round for it.

7. Gold coins were used as money commercially for about 4000 years, but people got so good at shaving and drilling them that today, you really can’t use them as money.

8. Paper Bullion Bank Bill give you the best of a paper bank bill combined with the best feature of a gold coin (gold).

9. My invention will be the new global reserve currency within 15 years (within the life of my 20 year patent), and it will be discovered by the Venture Capital community within 8 weeks from the present date of 7 Dec 2018.

10. Yes, I do see the future. It’s why we have inventors. To do that.

To learn much more about Paper Bullion Bank Bill, just read the cover page on my patent at patents.google.com look for Appl. No.: 14/999,947 also known as Pub. No.: US 2018/0018845 A1 — this will take you two minutes to do — the Abstract tells the story.

If you want more posts by me, come to robertfentongary.com

If you want to buy the patent, come to robert.gary@gmail.com

Bring $8 million anytime before 1 April 2019, or $16 million after that.

First come, only one served. Once it’s been assigned to one of your competitors, you’ll have to deal with whatever loss of market share happens after that.



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