Best Strategy to Sell a New Patent

It’s hard to find a real patent broker. A broker brings the buyer and seller together and makes the deal go through.

What’s out there is people who have a desire to interject themselves into my patent sales process as fee earning consultants.

If you were trying to sell your house, you would want a buyer for your house, or a realtor who would bring you a buyer.

You are not looking for somebody to tell you how to fix up the lawn, or clean out the gutters, or polish up the windows so that your house is more attractive to a buyer.

You don’t want to entangle yourself with a third party, who is actually not a buyer, or even a broker, but just a fee seeking person wanting to use you as a fee paying customer.

You want a customer.

You do not want to BE the customer.

95% of the patent business people who are not actual inventors or investors are actually just rent seekers trying to cut themselves in on the deal.

You can detect these people because they follow a pattern. They never read your patent or have any idea what it’s about. They want you to fill in a detailed 50 page form with blocks that are handy so their computer can send out junk mail that seems to be about your patent, but actually is just cut and paste robot writing based on the 50 page form YOU filled out and sent in.

They want a fee, for no work. For plugging in their computer robot, and running the algorithm on your 50 page form, and shipping out the junk mail, which they don’t read, and have no real idea who it went to — just a mailing list they bought from some other automaton.

Serious venture capital sources never read obvious junk mail sent out by robots. Their time is valuable.

In the case of prospective buyers for my patent, they would need to have $8 million. So, their time is quite valuable.

Here I am, working my way through the phonies. It’s harder for me than inventing, and causes feelings of distress and futility, and wasted time.

My emphasis will be on publicity any way I can get it, and the more it can be targeted to serious prospects the better. Right now, right here, in this sentence, I am doing broad spectrum grass roots publicity. If you know a banker, or a major venture capital source, I hope you will sew fit to mention Paper Bullion Bank Bill and send them on to me at

My patent can be read at under Appl. No.: 14/999.947 also called Pu. No.: US 2018/0018845 A1

My price, for the first and only buyer is good till I April 2019, and it $8 million all cash for the in fee simple assignment of the Patent.

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