Wanting to Give Magnificent Reward to Patent Broker

I have a patent that will get a final grant in Jan or Feb 2019, and it’s called Paper Bullion Bank Bill, and it’s for an innovative currency that has gold right in the paper.

My invention does what Bitcoin set out to do, but failed to do, because Bitcoin is, and always was, a total fraud.

People want a new currency that is global, that does not depend on any nation, or any central bank, and that can be converted into local fiat paper money anywhere, and any time.

My bank bills are the ideal product for any globally established major bank that seeks to increase its wealth management department by 500%.

It’s also helpful for international trade.

And for bailments, and auctions, and custody accounts.

The bills come in three denominations 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/2 oz.

They are superior in every way to gold coins because they can be authenticated anywhere that has one of my authentication machines is seconds.

Gold coins must be assayed, cuppolated, or acid tested. These procedures make gold coins not commercially viable. They are pretty but you can’t spend them. My bank bills are pretty and you can spend them.

Participating banks will authenticate them in seconds, and give you a gold round for them if you want.

Or you can just burn off the paper, and there’s your gold in the crucible, that little yellow bead at the bottom.

I want $8 million for my patent if it sells before 1 April 2019. After that, I want not less than $16 million.

If you take my case and broker my patent by finding a buyer, who is honest, and wealthy.

This would include any major corporation that is truthful and sincere. Even if they are buying it just for their patent thicket (moat). Or even if they are buying it defensively, just to kill it and make sure it never disrupts their existing business. I would even sell to a patent flipper whose only skill is that they can see it is worth way more than $8 million, or $16 million.

My new technology is 50% photonics, and 50% Digital Signal Processing. It’s really a “blue ocean” hybrid technology, there is nothing else even remotely like it in the world today.

It will give rise to many follow-on patents, several of which I have written, and made the drawings for, and will throw in to the deal if I like the buyer you bring me.

Mentioned explicitly in the original patent (Appl. No.:14/999,947 and Pub. No.: US 2018/0018845 A1 are money orders, ID cards, DNA tags, evidence tags, and bailment tags (for gems, coins, art etc).

The US Post Office has expressed some preliminary interest in my work because they lose large sums every year on counterfeit international money orders. My patent would put a stop to that. So it’s might be worth my asking price to them, and they would be free to license out all the other applications, and thus get their outlay to me back in a short time.

You can read my patent at patents.google.com and the cover sheet has a drawing and an abstract which you can read in less than a minute.

If you broker my patent successfully I will reward you magnificently, and it could be worth one minute of your time to just take a quick look at my invention.

Very Truly Yours,

Robert Fenton Gary, Inventor
Attorney at Law
Member US Patent Appeals Bar.


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