Paper Bullion Bank Bill Technology Goes to War — Week of 10 Dec 2018

The research done in the week of 10 December 2018 indicates that with modern advances in LED technology, one can avoid using laser diodes when creating a DSP authenticated photonic signal.

The advantage here is an apparatus that is far simpler to operate, and yet just as reliable in terms of signal security. Battle readiness is a function of simplicity in operation, and keeping a devise simple is always a primary consideration and component of excellent design.

Even with the extensive use of LED photon sources, there still needs to be one laser frequency in the signal, but this could be at the 5 milliwatt level, and it could be a relatively eye-safe green laser. Even at the lowest intensity, the laser frequency will stand out and it’s encrypted data element can be readily de-coded.

Paper bullion Bank Bill used fluorescent taggants on nanoparticles as the source of its full-wide peaks profile. It’s a piece of paper. It’s a bank bill. Much like a dollar bill. There are no lights inside a dollar bill. So, to get a peaks profile, you need to bring light to the bank bill, and bounce that light off the bank bill, and that process entails fluorescence.

But in battle, at sea, at night, in a storm you are not going to get enough intensity out of a fluorescent photon to send a signal even as far as 13 miles over water. So another way of creating tightly binned frequencies must be found, and laser diodes are not the answer. High intensity LED’s give you the tightly binned ranges of frequencies that are needed to apply the DSP authentication to the received signal.

The one laser in the composed beam will be instantly recognized on the optical digital spectrum analyzer at the receiving end, and that coherent single frequency will be relayed to the de-coding part of the authentication machine for use in activating the comparison reference file as described in my prior patent.

The fluorescent based technology is excellent when you do not have a power source in the document or item to be authenticated, and you must use returning photons resultant from energy applied from outside the document or item. But in a signal light, you can create photons from scratch, and the challenge is to do this elegantly, simply, and in a way that results in a battle-ready device which field commanders will want to use and rely on.

That’s what this week has been about. Plus a lot of lens calculations and analysis of translucent polyethylene and glass compounds. We want a machine that’s compact, efficient, and easy to operate. And which puts out a signal that is 100% useless to the enemy, even a very sophisticated enemy, with plenty of decrypting skill, and many advanced circuits.

Winning battles is what it comes down to. That means command, control, and communication without the use of any RF emissions. My signal light, like my Paper Bullion Bank Bill will be the best innovation is a new field, and will give rise to many follow-on developments, innovations, and patents.


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