Patent 10176661 Will Issue 01/08/2019

Issue Notification on Patent 10176661 Received Today

Robert Gary

Robert Gary

Inventor at Gary Research

My patent will issue on 01/08/2019

Please see Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR) WEB site ( to obtain more detailed information after that date.

It’s hard to say if any bank will take an interest in my patent. But if one does, it will change banking, and currency forever.

My inventive departure is the use of variables sets that can be called up according to their file numbers, by a programmable finite impulse transform (FIT) algorithm, which sends the variables set to a digital Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter, that makes multiple passbands, comprising an edited-down version of a full wide emissions profile coming from a standardized uniform taggants zone.

Thus, many value documents or items can be imprinted with a standardized uniform taggants zone, and yet each has its own key.

This invention will receive a patent because it is innovative, over the prior art, and it is not obvious, and it is useful as a secure way to authenticate value documents or items.

I would like to see it used to create a new form of gold-based currency. But, it would also be great if it were used for secure money orders, evidence tags, DNA tags, ID cards, container lock tags, and tags for gems, coins, or art.

The bank that is “first to market” on this opportunity will have its name on all the bank bills that become the new global reserve currency, which has got to be good PR for the bank, and could bring in new customers in the wealth management department, in international trade, in wills and trusts, and in cashier’s checks.

Being first to market would mean buying my patent, and right now, it is priced at $8 million. That price is good until 04/01/2019. After that, the price will be a sum not less than $16 million.

It’s easy to reach me at, or at LinkedIn, or on Facebook, or Twitter, or at where you can read some previews of coming patents and new technologies.

Today is Boxing Day 2018, and I hope you are having a wonderful holiday.


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