Patent 10176661 Will Issue 8 Jan 2019

Patent 10176661 Will Issue on 8 January 2019

This major patent is at the intersection of Photonics and Digital Signal Processing and is way better than Bitcoin because it is not anonymous, it is traceable, it is for honest people, and not for criminals, terrorists, money laundering, or bank fraud.

It will not be made illegal by any nation, as Bitcoin has been by many nations.

It is a core technology breakthrough which means that many follow-on patents will arise from it, and many new technologies will arise from it.

It can be used to authenticate value documents or value items. It can be used for ultra-secure ID cards, container lock seals, evidence tags, DNA tags, and tags for coins, gems and art.

It can be used for money orders such as those issued by the US Post Office.

It can be used for Cashier’s Checks, Wills, Trusts, Letters of Credit, and Bills of Lading.

It does use fluorescent photons, and it does use a programmable multiple bandpass filter along with a computer and an optical digital spectrum analyzer.

My patent is for sale, but can only be sold to one buyer. Right now the price is $8 million, and on 1 April 2019 the price will be not less than $16 million.

The Final Granted patent will be on the PAIR system at USPTO on or about 8 January 2019.

I can be reached at or at or on Facebook or LinkedIn — I cannot be reached by phone, but if you send an e-mail I can call you back.


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