New Patent, Seeks a Buyer

January 8, 2019 is the issue date for patent 10176661 — and it can be viewed at

What my patent does is authenticate value documents or items. So it does what Bitcoin set out to do, but failed to do. It is way better than Bitcoin. It is not anonymous. It is traceable. It cannot be used by criminals, terrorists, money laundering people, bank fraud people etc.

It is an ultra-secure technology for honest people.

I would like to see it used as the basis for a new global reserve currency. But it can also be used for money orders, cashier’s checks, ID cards, evidence tags, container lock tags, art tags, coin tags, gem tags, DNA tags, and many other applications in which a sure and secure method to authenticate is required.

I worked on the technology for 12 years here in my little town and merged Photonics and Digital Signal Processing.

My problem is that the impact on my little town of my patent is zero. Nobody will be employed here based on my new technology. The price of hamburger at the local market will not be a penny more, or a penny less. There will be no new course at the community college, at least not soon. The closest place that might be impacted in Carnegie-Mellon in Pittsburgh PA, so what I have is not really a business story, from the local point of view.

So, it’s hard to get the local paper interested in doing a story about my new patent. If I lived in Mountain View California things might be different. In my little town, they do sometimes take an interest in attainments by local people, but I did not go to High School here, and I am not the boy next door. So, I have to get the word out any way I can, and I hope to reach venture capital angels, and bankers, and high tech types — maybe you as well.

My price for the patent is $8 million, and that price is for the first and only buyer since I can’t sell to more than one buyer. The price is good till 1 April 2019, at which time the new price will be not less than $16 million. This patent could fit perfectly into the right patent moat, or patent thicket because it is a hybrid between Photonics and Digital Signal Processing, and it beat all the “prior art” patents in that crowded field. It is new, it is different, it is useful. It could cause major disruptions in the banking industry, and if a bank wants to just capture and kill this new technology, that’s fine with me, just get in touch at or or at LinkedIn on or Facebook. Sometimes adding one piece to your patent wall makes it a lot stronger. This is the piece you need.


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