What Problem Does My Patent Solve?

If everybody were honest all the time there would be no problem. Documents would be what they seem to be, and items would be genuine, and good weight every time. There would be no coin clippers, or drillers, or shavers trying to take little bits of gold away from a coin before passing in on to you. If a money order, looked real it would be real. If a $100 bill looked real, it would be.

My patent does not solve the problem of humans being dishonest. It solves the problem of humans being dishonest and getting away with it.

In the case of a military ID card, failure to solve this problem can be instantly fatal to people on a military base, or ship, or plane.

In the case of an art auction, failure to solve this problem results in counterfeit art being sold, sometimes for very high prices.

In the case of an evidence sample, failure to solve the problem could result in a miscarriage of justice.

In the case of a lock on a container arriving in a US port next to a big city, failure to know if the lock is real or fake could result in 10 million people being dead within an hour.

The problem of authenticity of documents or items may seem like a minor trivial problem that nobody would ever worry about, in a world where everybody is honest all the time. But do we live in such a world? Get a mirror. Look in it. Has the person you see there been 100% honest in the past 24 hours? Does this thought experiment seem impudent? OK then, find a picture of your neighbor, and ask the same question — has that person been 100% honest in the past 24 hours?

My technology is very useful to civilized persons and nations. It is not anonymous. It is not like blockchain. It cannot be used by criminals or terrorists. If you try to do bank fraud using my technology, you will be caught within minutes, before you can get out the door. So maybe this is your moment to stop reading. Why would you be interested in a technology than can only be used by honest persons and honest nations?

Here’s why — crooks are putting the world out of business, and you live in the world, so you have a stake in it. If it goes out of business, where will you work? How will you feed yourself. How glorious will your life be? Very glorious. Or pretty hardscrabble?

The field of document or item authentication is a crowded one. But my invention was deemed superior to all the prior art and my inventive departure from all prior art was deemed an innovation likely to be useful. Three days from now, on Tuesday January 8, 2019, my patent No. 10176661 will issue from USPTO and you can read it at http://pair.uspto.gov   so you don’t have to take my word for it — you can see for yourself.

That will be the authentication of this blog post to robertfentongary.com


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