Patent Finally Issues After 14 Years of Science and Legal Work

Patent No. : US 10,176,661 B2 issued today 08 Jan 2019

To read this patent go to

You will see a place that says “Browse Granted Patents”

Go to January 08, 2019

Then go to 1458-2

And you will find my patent.

To print it, go to full document all pages pdf

You can download it in pdf format and print it.

The file size is 1.5 Gigs

This patent enables a new currency, which will become the new global reserve currency. It is superior to all the prior art because every bill can be imprinted with an identical taggants zone and yet have its own unique authentication. This makes the printing of the bills very cheap, assuming that the secret file numbers, hidden in the hologram zones, are cheap to make, and they are.

My invention can also be applied to make ultra-secure ID cards, DNA tags, art, gem, or coin tags, money orders, container lock tags, letters of credit, and evidence tags.

Much greater security in dozens of businesses can be obtained by using my method to authenticate value documents or items. You can make ports safer, make better world money, keep DOD and CIA personnel safer, do better banking, and postal services products, do better auction and coin dealing, have more better jurisprudence, have more secure wills and trusts, and do more secure international business.

Any big bank buying my patent could sell off the applications it does not need and keep the rest to gain major competitive advantages in banking. The applications not needed by a bank, would probably be worth ten times my asking price right now for the entire patent — $8 million, one buyer only, price is good till 1 April 2019, after that the price will be an amount not less than $16 million.

So, take what you need, sell off the rest, a big bank would assure its long-term customer growth in: wealth management, international trade, wills and trusts, and custody account management for free because there will be buyers for the other applications of my invention (ID cards, container lock tags, evidence tags etc).

I’m a math and science guy. I have no rolodex. I don’t schmooze. I know nobody. I have no contacts. So, a big bank can do a lot more than I can do with my invention. One thing would be to grow their moat, and shore up their patent wall, and strengthen their patent thicket. My patent straddles fluorescent encoding and digital signal processing. It’s a rare hybrid patent, just what you need to knit that patent thicket into an impermeable wall.

My goal is to collect the money, and got back to my drawing board, where there’s all kinds of wonderful inventions calling out for my attention, claims drafting, drawing, chemistry and physics decisions. My patent, which issued today, is good for 20 years, and as a federally certified micro-entity, I will be able to pay the upkeep fees. The first to market or first mover will gain a huge advantage because my patent is extremely novel, way better than all that went before, and truly “blue ocean” in terms of generated follow-on patents and business opportunities.


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