Patent Issued on 8 Jan 2019 Will Change the World and All that’s in It

The patent US 10,176,661 B2 was issued to Robert Fenton Gary. It combines photonics with digital signal processing in an innovative way that uses fluorescent materials, and programmable multiple bandpass filters directed by variables sets.

So, it allows a lot of documents, bank bills, for example, to be cheaply imprinted with exactly the same fluorescent taggants zones, and yet each bill has its own authentication comparison file stored in an application specific integrated circuit in the machine that verifies the, for example, bank bills, or ID cards, or money orders.

By controlling costs in this way, and keeping the printing process simple and standardized, one of the products enabled is the Paper Bullion Bank Bill, which has gold particles enmeshed in the paper. This single product could become the new global reserve currency.

And the method can also be used for DNA tags, art tags, coin or gem tags, and evidence tags, which can play a major role in avoiding miscarriages of justice.

A Big Bank could easily multiply its business in the departments called: Wealth Management, International Business, Custodial Accounts, and International Business. So this new patent fits together with the existing infrastructure of a big global bank like a hand fits into a glove.

There has been no press about this new patent, except you can read it at just look for January 8, 2019 which is at Number 1458-2. Apart from the gazette no newspaper has picked up on this story.

But as a new global reserve currency emerges into common use across USA, Europe, and the Far East awareness will evolve and people who write about science, technology, and physics, or banking, money, and finance, will become mindful about the patent called “Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” invented by an American, living in Hagerstown Maryland based on research and experiments dating back 14 years.

The 3 claims and 6 drawing sheets are in the gazette presentation, along with the full patent, and the abstract, which is very brief. A human will see this information and gain insight into the world of the future which is likely to arrive much faster than anybody thought. All it takes is a bank buying my patent and implementing it. The bank bills, or money orders, or ID cards, or various tags can be made by Crane or De La Rue. They are harder to make than something the bank could do at a local printer, but they are cheap to make because of the simplicity and standardization designed in by my method.

Or, the future may never see the light of day. A big bank could decide that my technology is too disruptive of banking, and money, and trade. It could make a boardroom decision to capture and kill by patent, thereby strengthening its moat, and patent thicket, and patent wall. I am a simple math/science guy. Those kinds of decisions are above my paygrade, and I don’t worry about them. I hope to recruit a first tier lawfirm to represent me in the assignment of my patent to the new owner in fee simple absolute. I think the job can be done in an hour, so then I can get back to my drafting table and make some more disruption for some other industries, and businesses, and I have three projects that will do just that.

If there is a human who wished to follow my work, that’s a very easy thing to do, because I post much of my ongoing work at where you can read about mining precious metals from the seabed, and signalling at high speed and full security under battle conditions, and bathygraphic mapping of minerals to find major placer loads.

People are so busy now that looking forward is hard. It’s hard to even see the present. There’s so much of it. And the past is hardly relevant since it has already gone. But the Periodic Table of the Elements abides as time goes by. Like a sigh, like a kiss, like a photon, like the fundamental things that apply.


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