FAQs About Patent US 10,176,661, B2

1. What is the ideal customer for this patent?

A big bank with global operations or any company with a lot of high tech skills and plenty of vision, for example Boeing, or Lockheed Martin, or Alphabet, or Google.

2. What problem is solved by the technology?

Authentication of value documents, for example money, or value items, for example gems, or ID cards, or container lock seals, or coins.

3. How does the technology solve the problem?

By a unique combination of fluorescent waveform creation and digital signal processing applied to the created waveform. The peak profile can be edited in billions of distinct ways by using snippets of it. These can be generated by programmable multiple bandpass filter that is programmed with sets of numerical variables.

Because the waveform (peaks profile) stays constant, billions of banknotes, or money orders can be printed very cheaply, without changing the mix or configuration of the fluorescent materials imprinted on them all identically. Cost-effectiveness has been a major factor holding back the use of photonic waveforms in the past. But now a peaks profile can play a major role in the authentication of value documents, or items.

What competitive advantage would a big bank or firm with vision get from owning this patent?

For a bank, it would be having the name of their bank on the new global reserve currency. That’s a lot of good PR right there. Beyond that, there would be a significant multiplication of the bank’s wealth management, wills and trusts, and custody accounts business. So, the first to market big bank will get many new customers, and it would be about the develop all the follow-on technologies and patents from implementation of the abovesaid fundamental breakthrough core technology patent.

What do you want for this patent?

$8 million, if I get the money prior to 1 April 2019, and after that not less than $16 million. As more people read the patent and realize its value as a new core technology, they will see ways to apply it in their businesses, and the competition to buy it will intensify. So the price will go up on 1 April 2019.

Would this be a fee simple absolute, no strings, 100% assignment of all rights?

Yes, but I must always be named as the primary inventor of the technology I invented, and my patent must always be mentioned in all follow-on patents based on my work.

Can I buy this patent through a reputable patent broker?

Absolutely.  Try http//www.tynax.com/listing7762

Or, you can reach me at robert.gary@gmail.com or my website robertfentongary.com



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