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Access to My Full Patent, and My Full Bio

Robert Gary

Anybody who wants to see my full patent, and my full bio can do that by going to

The price to buy my patent in fee simple prior to 1 April 2019 is $8 million.

After that, the price will be not less than $16 million.

The core breakthrough described in detail in my patent will give rise to a large family of Photon-DSP technologies.

The original patent is mostly about science and fluorescent materials, and programmable multiple bandpass filters.

The many follow-on patents will be about the various applications of this innovative core breakthrough technology.

For example, if a large global bank decides to buy my patent and to issue Paper Bullion Bank Bill, then there would be patents related to how to enmesh the gold particles in the paper, and how to imprint the doped nanoparticles onto the paper, and how to encrypt the secret file number in the hologram. These are patents that would be developed in the course of creating Paper Bullion Bank Bill.

Similarly, there would be follow-on patents for a company applying my core breakthrough method to ID cards, or seals on container locks, or art tags, gem tags, evidence tags, DNA tags, coin tags, or rare book tags.

My method is currently in development for application to a defense related apparatus, and a sales pitch has been made to USPS for use of my method on international and domestic money orders.

So, there’s plenty of opportunity to flip this patent at a profit if you are so inclined. A big bank could just reserve for itself all the applications related to wealth management, international trade, and custody accounts, and then sell off all the other applications. A well connected big global bank could get back what they pay me, in less than a week, with a few phone calls. I hope Goldman Sachs reads this, and Google, and Alphabet, and JP Morgan Chase. See, I have no contacts. Just a science/math guy, and as you can see from my picture, a stiff, and not very much of a schmoozer.

Somebody that has a lot of business contacts and owns a big global bank, or a big global anything, is the perfect prospect to buy my patent and make $20 Billion from it over the course of its 20 year life, which began on 8 January 2019 — the patent is a newborn!

And the buyer will, of course, own the patent in fee simple absolute, so the buyer will be in the cut for all the follow-on patents that flow from applying my core breakthrough method which is really the beginning of Photon-DSP Technologies. Present at the creation you will be, and doing well, and doing good. My method is not anonymous. It can’t be used from crime, fraud, laundering money, or funding terrorists. It’s for honest people, doing business honestly, which I acknowledge is small and dwindling fraction of mankind, and yet, one lives in hope, and hope lives in this one.


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