Quick Access to My Patent and its Price

February 5, 2019

This is the patent that marries Digital Signal Processing and
Fluorescent Photonics to produce little snippetts or technically
little passbands.

These are made by a programmable multiple digital bandpass filter that
is instructed by variables sets loaded into it from a programmable
application specific integrated circuit.

Hi-fi lovers already know a lot about the use of brink wall filters to
allow very precise digital tuning of a radio, or to increase the
clarity and purity of a musical signal, perhaps by taking out a very
specific frequency that is lowering the quality of the musical signal.

My invention takes that kind of idea and applies it to output from an
optical digital spectrum analyzer. The analyzer sees the full wide
peaks profile, but it can filter that signal and then snippetize it
down to just these tiny slices of the full wide peaks profile.

I can snippetize a single full-wide in billions of totally unique and
utterly distinct ways.

I can assign one way to each bank bill, or ID card, or money order, or DNA tag.

I can store all these snippetized peaks profiles in a database on an ASIC chip.

If I know what file to look for in the database, I can tell you is the
snippetized version coming in through my authentication machine looks
like it should look based on prior experimental data for that set of
variables making the snippets just that way.

Much like in the Enigma machines, made famous by the work at Bletchley
Hall, my machines are quirky, and for a signal to be rated “authentic”
is has to arrive along a certain path, and just a certain way. The
path and the machine is part of the authentication. My coding is not
based on formulae, or on algorithms. You can’t hack it or break it.
It’s not on, in, or via the internet. It’s not in the cloud. It’s not
on the Blockchain. And it’s not predictable based on pure logic or
science. You must have done the field experiments to know what the
snippetized waveform is “supposed” to look like. You can’t infer
anything from knowing the fluorescent materials I use, or their
configurations, or their molar percent concentrations. Quirky and
observation/measurement-based makes my system hard as heck to break.

Beyond that, my system is 100% programmable. So, if somehow you cause
an inauthentic document or item to be rated authentic by one of my
machines, I can close the entire global system down in a few seconds.
I can wipe and reload the variables sets that drive the snippet making
filters in a few hours. I can be up and running again in a few days at
the most.

In the banking business this is called a robust system. It takes a
lick’in and keeps on tick’in. It is resilient. It is operationally
efficient. It will not cause costly business outages, or
interruptions. This means a lot in banking, and for ID cards, and for
DNA tags, and for container lock tags.

You have my URL. You can see my patent, and perhaps you want to know,
“How much?”

$8 million before 1 April 2019. On and after that date not less than
$16 million.

I know that a big global bank could bring in $20 Billion in new
business over the 20 year life of my patent which was issued on 8 Jan
2019, and which will be advertised in the Patent Gazette on February
11, 2019.


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