The Ideal Currency Innovation

The ideal currency innovation would be a currency that is rooted is something that is not infinitely expandible, by just printing more and more of it.

It could be founded on Rhodium, Ruthenium, Cobalt, Platinum, Palladium, or Cerium.

Any of those would be valid as a rare material that puts constraint on the expansion of a currency. None of them have track record of ever having done so. They are things people never heard of.

Gold, on the other hand, people have heard of, and valued, as money for at least 10,000 years if the findings we make the the Valley of the Kings in Egypt are reliable.

Gold can come in the form of very fine dust, which is sometimes called “flour gold” because it’s like the flour you use to bake bread, or cookies. It could have been called confectioner’s sugar gold — that’s how fine the particles are — but they are actually heavier than the particles of confectioner’s sugar.

You could mix such gold particles with fibers of cotton, and make a paper that has gold particles enmeshed among and between and amidst the fibers of the paper.

You could cut such paper into rectangles about the size of dollar bills, or even 150% the size of dollar bills.

Since the gold is in the paper, and the paper is made of cotton fibers, and since the cotton burns, but the gold is not combustible, you could do a very neat trick.

Take your paper bill with the gold in it. Put it in a crucible. And burn off the cotton fibers.

When the cotton is gone, there’s a little yellow bb at the bottom of your crucible — and it’s made of gold.

Why not just save some steps and use the little bbs or coins as money?

Yeh, that’s a great idea, thought of my by Rameses II, but over the past 10,000 years, people have found ways to clip, drill, shave, debase, and tool gold coins, so the stamp you put on them at the Mint does not necessarily mean you are getting the amount of gold you suppose you are getting.

What could be done about that?

If we could find a 100% reliable way to authenticate a document, and if we put gold in the paper of a document, then that document could be used and money, and would never get shaved, clipped, or drilled by dishonest persons, of which, there are many.

What could we call such a document?

How about “Paper Bullion Bank Bill”?

Who could ever think of such a thing?

Here’s where you can find out:

Oh, I love that!!!

How can I have that?

Just buy it. The patent only costs $8 million from now till 1 April 2019, at which time the price goes up to not less than $16 million.

Can I use that at my lawnmower dealership?

No, if you want to use it, you really should be a big bank with a global multinational footprint and offices all over the world.

Or you could be a Post Office, losing money on your money orders because so many of them are counterfeits.

Or you could be an auction house try the sell well provenanced works or art of jewels of value.

You could be an insurance company or a lawfirm wanting very secure tags for DNA samples.

You could be a boutique bank seeking to serve select clients with wealth management, international trade, custodial accounts, and wills and trusts.

You could be a nation with ports that receive containers, which need secure tags on their locks to make sure there’s not something very bad inside the container.

You could be a nation with millions of people in defense and intelligence jobs who need ID cards that are highly secure and can’t be counterfeited.

There is no issue of technology transfer here. Everything I know about Photon/DSP Technologies is in that patent.

The stuff that’s on my drafting table, is just imaginary at this moment and comprises three more major core technology inventions that will lead of hundreds of follow-on patents and many applications.

If you buy my patent, and you want my help, I will work with you to make sure you get the maximum possible profit from owning my patent.

I’m just a math/physics guy. I know photons. I know snippets. I don’t know any people. Maybe a few neighbors, but they don’t have any contacts with big banks.

In a world where Billionaires only talk to Billionaires my patent needs a lot of publicity to get out there and put into practice.

But, the big global bank that buys it will make $20 Billion in new business over the life of the patent, and it can recover what it pays me with a few phonecalls, just selling off applications it does not need. The banks have the contacts with the people. When they want to talk to Photons and Snippets they come to me, which is never. But here you are, and you could pass my message forward, and someday and banker will hear of it.

So, please, do that.


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