Put the Kleptocrats out of Business

Fruits of Crime Money Should Not be Exchanged for American Dollars

Since World War II almost everybody who has become a head of state has looted their nation and its people. Most of these nations have gone broke. Venezuela is good example, with the 25 tons of gold waiting on the runway in a big jet ready to be flown to some other country — maybe to Switzerland.

Russia made Kleptocrats famous, and kleptocracy almost respectable, but many Americans, even before the Age of Trump have picked up on the idea. Loot your people, loot your nation, make a getaway with the money to a place you can launder that money and keep it safely.

In the past 20 years real estate in the USA has been a very safe way to launder ill-gotten cash, or gold, or blood diamonds. This includes small house transactions, done by banks that are laundering money for foreign tyrants who have done the big klepto-grab on their nation’s wealth. About 2.6 million people die needlessly every year because their tax money or their nation’s wealth has been looted by Klepto-Power people who now own some of the houses on your street, and plan to rent them out, and get the income from them.

Paper Bullion Bank Bill is not anonymous. It is money for honest people only. You may be able to buy American dollar bills with your looted klepto money, but it would be very insane of you to buy Paper Bullion Bank Bills with stolen or looted money. Here’s why. Every one of the Paper Bullion Bank Bills is traceable anywhere in the world. Each Paper Bullion Bank Bill has its own authentication code which is utterly counterfeit proof, like no American bill ever was.

We are only a few decades into the Global Klepto Era, and yet people are starting to get tired of it, and wanting to prevent the larceny and loss of life it entails. We don’t want Putin or Maduro to buy greenbacks and buy up houses on our streets. The US government is not preventing this. It is run buy one of the Top Kleptos, and it is on the other side. It’s not going to arrest itself, or criticize itself.

Paper Bullion Bank Bill is the answer, to Putin, to Maduro, to Trump, and to all the other Klepto-Meisters and Kings of Corruption. We won’t sell you our bills unless we know where your money came from. We need to know who you are, and how you got so wealthy. Once you buy our bills, you have entered Honest Person Land. And you must uphold our standard. And it applies world-wide. No safe place for you. All our bills are traceable. They are not like Bitcoin at all. They are not like American paper money at all. You cannot launder Paper Bullion Bank Bills. No matter where you go. We know who you are and how you got wealthy. We have the books. We have all the data about your rise to wealth. And if you are not supposed to have that money, you can’t buy Paper Bullion Bank Bills with it.

I might be barking up an Imaginary Tree here, or talking Chinese. By the time you read this, there may not be an honest person in this world. And no bank willing to issue Paper Bullion Bank Bills. No customers. No producer. No market.

I have walked so many solitary roads in my lifetime, I’m not afraid of them anymore. When you’re old you have little left to lose, and you gotta stand for something. I stand for honest money, like the Founders of USA did in 1787 and 1791. If you agree with me, then like me, and help publicize my patent (US 10176661 which issued 8 Jan 2019).

If a big bank buys my patent, and puts it into practice the world will be vastly improved and 2.6 million lives a year may be saved by letting people all over the world have the benefits of their taxes paid — better healthcare, better cities, better roads, better food.

This is not a go-fund-me-campaign, and I am no Socialist. I am a vet, decorated, with service overseas, and an old guy trying to find a decent organization to buy my patent. I want to live in Paris, and have fun in my golden years. I am technically an Anglican, confirmed in Switzerland in 1962, but in practice and fact an atheist, notorious and public since 1966. I believe in freedom as created and sustained by Eisenhower as a General and as a President. Inventors think different. That’s how innovation arises. I know you want a job. Well it’s the inventors, not the fatcats that will create one for you.

So, please, if you know a banker, commend my patent to his/her most earnest attention.

My bio, and my patent can be found at App.box.com/folder64615044260

I can be found here at LinkedIn, and at robert.gary@gmail.com, and at robertfentongary.com


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