The Left Coast Boston Tea Party

Allan Bloom, a Professor at Cornell University, wrote a book called “ Closing of the American Mind”. Allan was a colleague and contemporary of many of my tutors at St. John’s College in Annapolis Maryland, and I led a seminar on his book while teaching at SUNY – Oneonta.

I see so many parallels today in the divergence of Left Coast thinking from the views of the Heartland.

Most American voters do not want open borders. They are not pan-humanist inclusionists. They do not feel that all the peoples of the Earth should be allowed to live wherever it pleases them to live.

Most Americans think that America as a nation is a good idea, and not something we should give up.

Dr. Bloom put a whole chapter in his book about the music of a generation, and how it affected the closing of the American mind.

In the case of Left Coast treason against all nationalism including that of the USA, much of that feeling is traceable to a song by the Beatles written by John Lennon called “Imagine”. That song describes a post nationalism world shared by all the people in a sort of loving and humanist style of sharing all the Earth.

Lennon’s song is no more or less subversive of this nation and of all nations as Vladimir Lenin’s idea that nations themselves are merely a form of human vanity. They arise by whimsey, accident, a psychological disorders, not by anything vital to the spirit of humans, or the dignity of man.

Nations come from myth and faulty thinking, not from spiritedness and right thinking.

I find the Left Coast Mind to be intolerant of any perspective except its own, which favors open borders, and panhumanist inclusionism. If you don’t think the way the officers of Facebook think, they will punish you, if they can.

I don’t think that nuclear power should be in the hands of privately owned corporations. Nuclear power plants should be in the hands of Officers who answer to the People, and not in the hands of business persons who answer to the Shareholders. The shareholders get no permanent damage to their health or their wallets if a nuke plant explodes and wipes out 200,000 people and an area the size of Pennsylvania. But the People do. So, the ones who have some skin in the game should be the ones to whom the nuclear power plant managers report. They could be appointees, or contractors of the Federal government, but they must not be business executives answerable to the shareholders.

As a practical matter, I feel the same way about Facebook, because it has so many American citizens engrossed in its social media platform. The effects of what Facebook does are felt in our nation’s politics, across all state lines, just as the effect of what the owners of nuke plants do are felt in our nation’s health, across all state lines.

My humble opinion, which I think I am still allowed to have, is that Facebook should be run by the government as a public utility, or it should abjure from its subversive and aggressive agenda of pan-humanist anti-nationalism. Facebook should either control itself, or it should be brought under control by the FCC and the DOJ.

My teachers and Allan Bloom bear no responsibility for or affiliation with my personal views expressed here. I have no idea, and do not assert, that they share my personal opinions. Patriotism is not a sin, or a crime, yet. Tipping my Liberty Cap to you from the Bastille (Facebook Jail), I am your loyal compatriot and pal — Robert Fenton Gary    


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