Time is the Big Trump Voter

If November 2020 arrives and Democrats are still talking about more hearings and more witnesses, and additional evidence, then all the effort they have made so far to tarnish and remove Trump will be for naught.

The Dems have way too many candidates, and all of them are one digit midgets. Trump has a solid 34% who would take a bullet for him, and will surely not be absent on voting day in November 2020.

January 20, 2021 comes, Trump is again sworn in to the Office of President of USA and the entire four years of yimmering and yammering by the Dems goes in the toilet and down the pipe. It’s a waste of shame. It’s the left wing version of the Benghazi hearings — full of sound and fury — signifying nothing.

Trump plays the long con. He is the P.T. Barnam of the long con. He know how to use time to get what he wants. What happened today in Vietnam, with North Korea’s leader, illustrates that point. Trump wants to win, but he’s got patience about when to get that done.

The liberals a concentrated in a few highly populated states. The Trump voters are sprinkled over many states that have few people in them. We have a nation of states, and the Founders set up Presidential elections so they would be a balance the rights of people, as individual voters nationwide, and the right of states, as former sovereign entities, once part of a Confederation of states. It’s very quaint, and antique — the Electoral College belongs in the Smithsonian, but it’s the law that will be applied in 2020, and it gives Trump a huge advantage.

Money really does talk in those low population states. Liberals from the big cities in New York and California find the election trail hard to walk in North Dakota, and Wyoming, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Oklahoma.

The Dems lack courage. They are long on eloquence, but short on Thumos. They are not political Bravehearts. So they mewl and winge around, trying to find the perfect Mueller, and the perfect Cohen, and the ideal checks to nail Trump with. They are fusspots. They are Professors. They are dithering and temporizing. Trump is going to roll over them like an 18 wheeler over a frog. They will be a smear on the highway of Existence, sometimes called Highway 61.

The Dems need to brace up, draft some Articles of Impeachment, and get that trial underway in the US Senate. They need to take the 10,000 pages of Mueller, and the SDNY, and the Cohen, and whatever else is on hand, and start putting evidence on the record in a public trial on CNN in the US Senate, from which Trump will have no prospects of re-election even among his most devout, cool-aide drinking, sheeple.

Trial will show that Trump is a criminal, a thug, a mob boss, and much like Ken Lay at Enron. But time is the Big Voter. In the Dems get the timing wrong, their entire dog and pony show becomes a waste of shame. Second Inaugural swearing in ceremonies are like Erase-O-Trace machines. Whatever happened before them is not part of this universe anymore, at least at the Federal level. In his second term Trump can arrange to dispose of whatever yapping dogs continue to bark at SDNY. Or he can arrange to spend his retirement years in a jurisdiction that will safeguard him, like Scotland, or Switzerland.

Winning the game of life is what Trump wants to do. Clearing his name so everybody thinks he is an honest and virtuous man is not one of Trump’s goals. He does not give a crap what you think of him, any more than Roy Cohn, or any Mafia Don ever did. Trump is the metrion (measure, criterion) of his own life. In this respect only, he is a person in full, he is a fully realized human being, he is a free man, he is what all humans should aspire to be, providing they have some sort of ethical guidelines, as Trump perhaps does not. Trump reminds us of Caligula. Yes, a free man, but a very destructive one. Tiberius and Nero also come to mind, as does Messalina.

People who want to do right, and do it perfectly, and make sure of every detail, so nothing could possibly go wrong, are not like Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, or Hamilton, and they really should try to be more passionate if they insist on wrapping themselves in the flag, tattered and bloodied, that flew in the rockets red glare.


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