Better Ideas Take Time to be Accepted

Better than 20% of my readers are doing post engagement. They see some value in my post, and maybe in my invention.

Putting gold particles in a bank bill is a good idea, but not really patent worthy.

The method to authenticate such a bill, and lots of other things is a core technology breakthrough patent that is the cornerstone of a whole new field called Photon-DSP which I am now working to extend into fiber optic applications.

I would be utterly delighted to have a million post engagement persons, but ecstatic to have one venture capital angel buy my patent.

Going on the internet is a very unusual way to sell a patent, for $16 million, but inventors do new things. They are like revolutionaries, poets, explorers, and songwriters.

My trickle up theory is that some Facebook reader will mention my patent to their boss’s boss’s boss, who sits on the Board of a major global bank, like Bank of China, or Bank of England, or Bank of America.

Buying my patent would require a person who sees beyond the current quarter. Who wants bank products for years in the future, not just quick stock buy backs today.

Bank of China may have the right stuff to buy my patent.


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