Secure Fiber Optic Signalling — Blocked Out Today — Have the Text, the Drawings, and the Research.

The claims are not in final form, but the first draft of my next patent is done.

About 100 million accounts are spilled, breached, hacked, or compromised every year, and people are finally getting tired of it. What they want is secure fiber optic. What they get is faster and faster fiber optic which is good for quick downloading of movies and game playing.

The people who really want secure fiber optic and inside DOD and the intelligence community.

For me, creating this is art. It’s done because I can do it. I am the photon wrangler, and my photon-DSP technology was judged superior to five competing systems all developed between 2013 and 2016, so within the three years just before my filing date, which was in 2016. US 10176661 was issued on 8 January 2019 and you can read it at under Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items. My name, Robert Fenton Gary, is the only name on the patent. It was advertised on March 12 in the USPTO Patent Gazette. The price is $16 million.

A big global bank could easily sell off all the non-banking applications like ID cards, DNA tags, money orders, and container lock seal tags in a week or two, with a few phonecalls, and get back more than they pay me to own the patent. Inside the banking industry, My patent is worth, to a big global bank, about $20 Billion in new business prior to its expiration date in 2038.

So, now I have a new form of Photon-DSP technology, and it applies to creating secure fiber optic communications, and I don’t know who the customer will be, or when they might show up. I will try DOD first. I think they are my best prospect, along with the intelligence community and the State Department. People who do frequent or large financial transactions through fiber optic cable might take an interest, after another few hundred million accounts get spilled, hacked, stolen, compromised, or spied on. If and when they do, I hope to have the new patent in hand by 2022.

This patent, which I finished blocking out today, is fairly high tech. It requires a machine that has a lot of parts, and the parts need a lot of math. But it’s fast enough for most purposes and it is utterly unhackable, unspyable, and unmalware-able. No one has ever been able to break one of my bank bills, and no one will ever be able to tamper with the signals going through my fiber optic cable. It’s not for everybody. It will be costly. But it will be Rock of Gibraltar secure. When lives depend on getting the message through without compromise or tampering, I will be there with a patent that shows you how to do it.


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