Tip Your Boss About My Patent and Good Things Could Come to You

The main reason I want you to help me get my patent sold is to enable me to work on other inventions. The data editing method that is described in US 10176661 which you can find on patents.google.com under Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items by Robert Fenton Gary, can be applied to secure fiber optic signalling as well, but the equipment involved is about twice as complicated as in my earlier patent. More gadgets. It will cost more to make the apparatus. But the results will save big business many billions of dollars because the spilled data and hacked accounts are very destructive of people’s privacy, financial security, and human identity.

Here’s how you can help. If you have a chance to talk to high ranking executives in banks, or any big company, just tell them a little bit about by patent, and the fiber optic version I’m working on now.

Technology companies like Lockheed-Martin might take an interest in providing ID cards to DOD, or money orders to USPS, that loses a bundle very year on counterfeit money orders.

Or a firm like Microsoft may decide to use my Photon-DSP technology for DNA tags, evidence tags, or auction tags, all of which would be useful to big players that Microsoft can be in touch with if it chooses.

A bank could make s boodle, estimated at $20 Billion, over the next 20 years by issuing Paper Bullion Bank Bills with the bank’s name on them. Gold is cheap now. But it won’t be when the National Debt goes over $30 Trillion, and they start making electronic credit money denominated in dollars and pump those out to keep the Federal Reserve Banks solvent.

The wealth that is about to be passed along to the next generation amounts to about $30 Trillion. And people are talking about taxing it. People who may be running the USA 19 months from now. Bank bills that you can hold in your hand, and that are made out of gold, could be of interest to some human, within the life of my patent, if not in my own life. I want to sell the patent while I am alive, to somebody who can use it to make their fortune after I am gone. You could help make the connection between me and that patent buyer.

Pachinko, the ball springs into play and comes down through the pins, and knocks this way and that way, and it could land here or there, or even over there. A buyer can reach me a robert.gary@gmail.com and they can read all about my patents at robertfentongary.com and they can befriend me on Facebook, and Linkedin, and Twitter.

If the buyer of my patent mentions your name to me as the source of their interest in my patent, something good will happen. You will be pleased.


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