Pie on Your Plate, not Pie in the Sky

The Paper Bullion Bank Bill which is described in US Patent 10176661 (Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items) need not be made of paper. It can be made of plastic like many European bills are.

Gold can be rendered into “flour” particles, or into metallic flakes and then integrated into very tough and tamper evident plastic sheet material.

If flaked gold is used, and the flakes are glittery and shiny, this could be a very good marketing aspect of the invention because the color of gold has always been one of its most attractive features. Gold and copper are the only two truly colored metals. Most metals are silver, or dull grey.

Fiat paper money and fiat electronic money, made by a few keystrokes at the Federal Reserve, are all the rage these days. History shows that such manias end badly. With wheelbarrows full of paper notes being taken to burn in furnaces for heat in the winter.

In 1943, a single 1 oz. gold Deutchemark coin would buy an entire city block of downtown Berlin. Gold retains buying power under a wide range of conditions.

Today most mines can’t find ore containing 8 grams per ton of gold. Most miners are barely able to get more than it costs them to find and refine their gold.

And what happens? The gold goes into a dark quiet vault, and becomes one more zero on the accounting sheet of some nation, trillionaire, or billionaire. No one sees it. It may as well be going back in the ground. This is deeply disheartening for the miners.

If you were making hats, you would want to see people wearing your hats and enjoying them. If all your hats were compressed into hat bales and stored in a hat barn somewhere in Idaho, you would be discouraged.

Using gold as money is the most legal thing in the world. The Founders wanted only gold and silver to be used as money. Putting the gold in dark vaults underground, and giving the People fiat paper money only is perhaps legal, but, in my view, it leads to a bad end. It leads to the creation of infinite fiat money, the collapse of the fiat money, and the wealthy people having all the durable buying power because they own all the gold.

Paper Bullion Bank Bill, especially my new plastic glittery version, puts the gold in the hands of the People, as they receive, handle, and spend their money. The miners are encouraged. The prospectors are encouraged. More is done to bring gold to the markets where it can be enjoyed for its beauty, verity, and truthfulness.

Gold is truth, because it is rare, and is getting harder to find. So Nature imposes some discipline on wayward man by its bounty of gold being limited.

The first Rhodium coin was recently issued. And I have supported Platinum, Palladium, and Ruthenium are valid monetary metals, not just gold, and I am ready to make bank bills out of all of them. Particularly Rhodium that could be rendered into very shiny flakes that would have amazing reflective quality, almost like diamonds.

Honesty, Integrity, Restraint, Moderation, and Allowing Nature and our Founders to guide us are good things, where good means provident, practical, wealth making, meaningful, prosperity making, and less pain, illness, war, vacuity, and futility. I don’t mean Good in some sort of moral or Platonic, or Kantian way. What I mean by good is what you know is good for you — a better life in a very sort of kitchen table way, pie on your plate, not pie in the sky.


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