The Engineers Love My Patent

“Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” is a breakthrough new technology because it does not use blockchain, or the internet. It is classified as Coded Record Sensors/Fluorescent 235/491 and as Coded Record Sensors/Particular Code 235/494, and as Coded Record Sensors/Optical 235/454.

It is a new field really because it uses Fluorescent tags in combination with Digital Signal Processing, like Finite Impulse Transform algorithms, and Finite Impulse Response filters.

There are only about 100 people in the world who have the money or the incentive to buy my patent. They might work for the really big global banks, or for the major innovation oriented companies like Lockheed-Martin, Tesla, Alphabet,or Google. Or, they could work at a VC firm, an investment bank, or an IP firm.

The patent itself mentions many applications for Photon-DSP other than Paper Bullion Bank Bill, for example Postal Money Orders, Evidence Tags, DNA Tags, Container Lock Tags, Auction Item Tags, Gem or Coin Tags, and Secure ID Cards.

US10176661B2 does not use blockchain or the internet. It is a better way to Authenticate Documents or Items. It is more practical. It is more secure. It is more reliable for a dozen reasons. Every engineer who has looked at it loves it. You can read it at


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