Why Innovate? Why Not Just Buy-In Our Own Shares? That Makes EPS Go Up, Right? So, You get Your Bonus, Right?

I earnestly hope that the bright and excellent people reading my post keep it in mind when they are around top level executives, and give it a mention if it fits into the conversation. I am seeking $16 million for my patent, which I worked on for 16 years using all my skills in math, physics, and chemistry. If the person or company, or bank that buys my patent mentions your name as the deal is being made, I will pay you a brokerage fee (25% of what the buyer pays me).

You can visit my patent in about two clicks, and read the Abstract, on page one, in less than 60 seconds.

US10176661B2 was issued on 08/01/2019, and will expire on 07/18/2036

It claims priority from U.S. Provisional Patent Application 62/282,879 filed on Aug. 13, 2015.

It is the bedrock patent of many new technologies called Photon-DSP Technologies because the authentication method depends on photons from fluorescent materials, and on digital signal processing done by finite impulse transform algorithms, and finite impulse response programmable digital filters.

You have some experience with a programmable digital filter in the audio field if you have ever used a radio with synthetic tuning. When you want to listed to 88.1 FM, you just key in 88.1 and your radio cuts out all other frequencies and just lets that one come through to your speakers. It’s a programmable finite impulse response filter, see?

Now FM radio waves are just photons, like any other photons on the electro-magnetic spectrum, which includes visible light, and huge amounts of spectral range many many levels above and below visible light, from hard gamma rays to longest radio waves.

I took that filter out of your radio, and applied it to making snippets out of fluorescent waves.

My technology is half about photons and half about synthetic digital filters, sometimes called “brick wall” filters —- they let the 88.1 through and brick wall everything else out — you get a nice clean signal, without having to twiddle any knob or dial.

Bankers are very very thick when it comes to innovation. So if you get my idea into the head of a banker you will be doing $4 million worth of hard labor, and your brokerage fee will be fully earned income that you can be proud of having generated.

Thick you see? They are blind, deaf, and dumb. They want to buy in their own shares, get their options, and why would they want to hear about new technologies?

But, there will be one banker out there who says — “For my bank to stay on top we need product pipeline. We need to be hitting the market with amazing wonderful products every year that nobody else has. That’s how we stay Big Huge Enormous Global Bank.”

Or it could be Jeff Bezos. Or Elon Musk. Or somebody at Google, Alphabet, or Lockheed-Martin.

Paper Bullion Bank Bill is just one of the ten mentioned applications for my new technology. ID cards are another. Then there’s evidence tags, and DNA tags, and custodial property tags, and tags for coins, gems, money orders, and art. Any document or item that positively, absolutely, has to be authenticated. Things that you don’t want malfeasors, pranksters, and hackers to be able to counterfeit or make fakes of.

I’m hoping to be able to apply something like Photon-DSP technology to secure fiber optic signalling. I’m working that problem now, and it’s a hard one, even for a veteran photon wrangler. It has serious defense related uses, if any of the armed services or intelligence agencies, or State Department people want to use it. I make the photons go through the fiber so only the authorized persons can read them, make them, or figure them out. So many malefactors, and clever ones too, so the new patent will take at least another year of work to file as a utility. I sure wish I had some working capital during that time.

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